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robert ben mitchell

Robert started Children Of Pain online support group meetings in February of 2021. This is his background.

SURVIVOR: Robert is a survivor from birth of seventeen years of violent sexual and physical abuse by his family which he wrote about in his 2018 book Speechless. Then, in January of 2021 he published Children Of Pain. The following month, in February, he started the free Children Of Pain Zoom meetings to provide recovery support groups to survivors who are alienated by traditional 12-step programs.

UNDERGRAD: Robert did his undergraduate work at Syracuse University where in 1982 he earned a Dual Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Science Education. While there, he was a paid research assistant and did post-graduate level course work in the chemistry department, and he received teaching certification in chemistry, physics, biology and general math.

POSTGRAD: After graduation, Robert studied computer sciences at Syracuse University which lead him to jobs first in industry as a dye chemist (Tompkins Fabrics, Syracuse, NY) and then in education as a computer test administration analyst (Miami-Dade Community College Medical Campus, Miami, FL).

MEDICAL: In 1992, Robert enrolled in Nova-Southeastern University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine to become an osteopathic physician and a licensed medical practitioner (Florida License: OS7690). He also completed a Nova-Southeastern Fellowship in Osteopathic Medicine, treating patients in the university's clinic and teaching medical students.

PHYSICIAN: Since completing his medical training, Robert has spent the past twenty years in private practice helping hundreds of patients suffering from opioid dependence and addiction, many of whom are survivors of gender trauma.

COACH: Before going to medical school, Robert began studying the healing arts in 1985 when he became a Massage Therapist in Florida (License: MA6138). After becoming a physician, he broadened his skills further in 2013 by enrolling in a 200 hour class to become a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor. This inspired him in 2016 to complete a one-year Coaching Certification Program with Erickson International (Vancouver, Canada), followed by an additional 200 hours of study with DeeAnna Merz Nagel at the Havana Wellness Studio (Havana, FL) to receive Intuitive Wellness Coach Certification. Through this training, Robert qualified and became a Board Certified Coach with the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE-BCC Certificate: 3275). To this day, he continues to use his coaching and bodywork knowledge to enhance the lives of both his medical patients and coaching clients. For more information about Robert's coaching practice, please visit

CREATIVE: Robert is the author of eight books ranging from his personal experience surviving childhood sexual abuse, to pain management, terrorism, North Korea, AIDS, and global warming, all of which are available on amazon. He is also a musician and composer of over one hundred songs that are available on bandcamp under the stage name Bob Who and the Little Criminals.

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