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FINDING A COUNSELOR involves establishing a professional relationship and usually costs money. Legally, we can't recommend any individuals, and you may have to try a few counselors before you find the one that’s right for you. Since jumping around can be expensive, start by picking a counselor and commit to trying them for a few meetings. Then, if you don’t feel a comfortable connection, tell them and ask them to refer you to someone who’s a better match. By doing a few meetings together, they will have a sense of you and your issues and can connect you with someone who's a better fit.

that offer meetings for us

Adult Children Of Alcoholics
& Dysfunctional Families

religion-based 12-step online meetings

Adult Survivors of Child Abuse
(note: this link is NOT secure - not https:)
psychology-based 21-step online meetings

Survivors of Incest Anonymous
religion-based 12-step online meetings

Survivors Network of those
Abused by Priests

for anyone hurt by any religious
or institutional authorities

because so many of us suffer

online mon, wed, fri at 7pm EST
non-religious 12-step meetings
for any and all addictions

Reason And Recovery
online sunday at 9pm EST
non-religious 6-step meetings
for any and all addictions

THE EXCHANGE - 2nd Sundays
resources we found helpful

What Happened to You?
by Dr. Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey
presented by Inese on 07/11/21

Reinventing Your Life
by Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S. Klosko
presented by Don on 08/08/21

The Science Of Mind
by Ernest Holmes
presented by Dana on 09/12/21

Internal Family Systems
by Derek P. Scott
presented by Meg on 09/12/21

Hiding from Love
by John Townsend
presented by Dana on 10/10/21


Writing Morning Pages
Stream Of Consciousness

presented by Inese

Telling Our Story To The Media
presented by James

Writing Your Survivor Story
presented by Bob

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