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WHY ARE THESE MEETINGS VOICE ONLY WITHOUT VIDEO? To protect everyone's privacy and safety, these are Zoom meetings but without any video, so if you choose to speak (which is optional) others can hear you but not see you. There are four ways to join our meetings (direct link, Zoom's homepage, iOS one-tap, and phone dial-in) which are described on our times page. So, whatever way you choose to join us, please be sure your video camera is off throughout the entire meeting.

WHAT ARE OUR GUIDELINES FOR SAFE SHARING? You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences at all meetings. To do this safely, we use the following 4 safe-sharing guidelines:

Guideline 1 - FOCUS: We keep the focus on our own recovery and try to use I statements. Anyone may sob freely, express anger, fear or any other feelings. Anger should be directed at the abuse and our abusers. We do not express anger or criticism towards groups based on gender, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, or any religious or political affiliations. So, express freely, but whenever possible, respectfully.

Guideline 2 - HONOR: We honor our fellow survivors by refraining from name calling, criticizing, gossip, or talking about conflicts we may be having with others who are here. Another person’s words, vocal tones, and statements may trigger, upset or anger us. If this happens, we step away from our phones and take time to comfort ourselves.

Guideline 3 - LISTEN: We listen and don't cross talk, which includes no interrupting while others speak, and no giving advice or attempting to comfort others. It is okay to say that we identify with what someone else has said and share our personal experiences and thoughts about that topic, but please do not name that other person during your share.

Guideline 4 - RESPECT: We are an anonymous group and respect each others’ safety by not sharing personal information like last names, DOB, phone numbers, emails or addresses during our shares. We respect the group by leaving here what is said here, and we respect each other by keeping our phones muted at all times when not sharing. To mute and un-mute, press *6.

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